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Page last updated 22 April, 2018

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Church Programme for this week @ MBC


“In things essential – Unity;

In things non-essential – Liberty;

In all things Charity.”

Calendar Sermons

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29th April

Morning Service


Morning Worship – Rev Dave Clarke

Evening Service 6.30pm

Café Church – 'The Internet – Blessing or Curse?'

We are delighted that you are interested in finding out more about Malvern Baptist Church (affectionately called MBC).

We work hard at being friendly, welcoming and inclusive and, through our worship and weekly programme for all ages, we hope to show creatively the love of God in our town and beyond.

You are welcome to any of our services or other activities.  If you are visiting, or are living in the area, we would love to meet you and to offer you a safe place as you continue your journey of faith and discovery.

Click on the buttons at the top of the screen to find out more about our church.

Welcome to MBC

Prayer and Vision Week

Back in February we held our annual ‘Prayer and Vision Week’. For those who have signed up for an MBC account the results from the feed back plus an updated vision can be accessed from the Regulars sign-in page. Please have a look and think prayerfully about what God is saying to us.

Rev. Dave Clarke


We’ve made some changes to our web site to make it easier to read if you have vision difficulties. If you need additional help in setting up your computer or web browser to enhance the web pages please get in touch.

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