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Page last updated 17 December, 2017

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Baptist Union Great Britain

Heart of England Baptist Association

Our church is proud to be a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and locally of the Heart of England Baptist Association. Through our affiliations we can strength and support from fellow Christians and can take part in national and regional events.

Baptist Assembly 2017

Saturday 13th May

This year’s Assembly is being held at the Harrogate Convention Centre, on Saturday 13th May. Whether you are a regular Assembly attendee or someone considering coming to Harrogate for the first time next year, we strongly encourage you to make your plans to be with us.  Bring the family.  Bring friends from your church.

A beautiful spa town and a stunning conference centre will make this a memorable venue. But the focus is on God, his mission to the world and the particular place for us as a Baptist people.  These are what will make for a memorable Assembly.

So, come and be inspired. Come so that by being together we can discern God’s voice to us as a missionary people.

Come, that we might celebrate all that is good amongst us.     

See Anthony Smith or Dave Clarke if you intend going to share transport.