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Page last updated 18 February, 2018

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Café Style Church

Every month we have a Café Style church service in the evening.

This is an informal service in the downstairs hall and is particularly open to friends and strangers to our church.

Its not like our normal evening service, we have a music group, video clips, dramas, an informal talk on a current topic … every time its different and our young people take part and invite their friends.

Its a great service to come to if you’re unfamiliar with churches or find normal church services off-putting or boring.

Here’s our programme for the next 6 months.

Our next Café Style service will be on

Sunday 18th February at 6:30 PM

“Friendship and loneliness”

Image © Café Church 2015



Jan 21  

Is there any point setting personal goals?  (New Years resolutions / fitness etc.)

Feb 18

Friendship and loneliness

Mar 18

Life after Death?

Apr 29

The Internet – blessing or curse?

May 27

Where does our Bible come from?

Jun 24

Fantasy and Christianity.

Is there a role for fantasy in the Christian life?