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Page last updated 15 October, 2017

© Malvern Baptist Church, 2017


Our prayers of thanksgiving:

Praise God!

“Let every mouth the Lord proclaim,

Let earth and heaven sing His praise.

Let every knee before Him bow,

Great is our God, the Lord of all.” (Michael Schroeder)

Our prayers of petition:

Michael Teo, Rene Laashaus, Simon Macdonald, Frances Williams, and Lorna Booth.

These (and others) are prayed for on a 3 weekly cycle. If you would like to be added to this list please let Rev Dave Clarke know. Personal details are in the newssheet which you can find in the Members Section.

In the Church Community we remember this week: Elonka Soros (Saphia), Julian Stephens, Janet Stewart, Michael Teo, Irene Thomas, Elizabeth Tidball, James and Liz Toone, Joyce Townsend.

News of the Church Family, for our intercessions:

Our prayers will be for God’s rich blessings on all named and unnamed; in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. (For more personal news please see the current newssheet in the Members Section).

Please send any prayer requests for next Sunday’s News of the Church Family, to or telephone 01684 562426 before 12.00pm Wednesday. Celebratory news, which we can praise God for, is very welcome too! (1Ch 5:20).

Malvern Baptist Thank Offering

It has been the practice of the church to honour God’s abundant provision to us by holding a thank offering; a freewill offering in addition to our regular tithes and offerings.

This year we are planning to split the money donated equally between 2 causes: a gift to the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) disaster relief appeals; and half the money to improve the facilities of the church.

If you missed one at church you can find an offering form here.

The flowers this week are kindly donated by Len and Eve Hitchman and arranged by Joan Ainsworth. We thank Len and Eve for this and congratulate them on their .

Operation Christmas Child

Once again we are taking part in Operation Christmas Child. If you would like to support this wonderful project and fill a shoebox for a child this Christmas, then please collect a leaflet with all the details from the back of the Church. I would be very grateful if all the shoeboxes could be brought to Church on (or before) Sunday, November 12th, so that they can be delivered to their collection point. Many thanks. Sue Chappell.

Hall decoration

Ruth Jinks is organising the re-decoration of the lower hall and is looking for additional volunteers to do cleaning and painting. If you can help then please let her know on 01684 439211

Malvern Baptist’s Prayer Chain

Malvern Baptist’s Prayer Chain is now up and running!

The prayer chain aims to serve this church by giving immediate, confidential, prayer support as and when there is a need. Nothing is ever too big or too small to bring before our God. Neither can too much prayer support ever be given.

If you have a prayer request or want to know more about our prayer chain please contact: Janet Raggett 07962 130256


MAF Postcards.  

If you have received any postcards over the Summer, please remember MAF.  Collection box is in the Lounge - used or unused postcards.

Note A signed photo of a celebrity was retrieved from our last batch of postcards.

Is this yours?  Please get in touch with Janet Rausch if it is yours.


Volunteer Lifts

If any of the congregation are available at any time to offer lifts to other members who are not physically able to come to services, can they please contact a member of The Care team to let them know.

Offer list of Talents or Skills.

Di Jones is in the process of redoing the list of members of the church who are happy to offer their various skills and talents for the benefit of other members.  If you have a special talent or skill that you feel you can offer please contact Di Jones who will include you on the list which will be put up in the church vestibule. Contact Di Jones at or telephone 01684 592209.

At Malvern Baptist Church we take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously.  If you have any concerns over the safety of any young person or adult please report, in confidence, to either Gerry or Lindsey Davies, MBC Safeguarding Team.