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Page last updated 3 December, 2017

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Malvern Baptist Church

Access To Regulars’ Area

If you worship at Malvern Baptist Church, and have created a web-account, you can ‘sign-in’ in the box above to access the members’ area to see the church’s weekly newsletter, the current church magazine, minutes of the church meetings and other church information.

If you don’t have an account then click the ‘sign-up’ button in the same box above and follow the instructions. You will be asked to create a Username and a Password  and give yourself a screen name (this is just for a welcome message). When completed you should then get an automated email from ‘serifwebresources’ asking you to activate your new account.

When you have activated your account (or if you are having problems), please email me at to let me know. I will then need to confirm your account before you can have access to the Member’s area. This can take up to 48 hours as I need to check the website everyday (I don’t get a message from Serif to tell me you have signed-up). I’ll email you when its done.

(Note: You may have to enable ‘Third Party Cookies’ for to enable password to operate. These are the instructions for Chrome)

To ‘Log Out’ go back to the ‘Login’ box above when you are finished.

If you leave the members area after signing-in and can’t find your way back use this link → Members-Only.

If you’ve already signed out you will have to sign back in again to access the members’ area.

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