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Page last updated 6 May, 2018

© Malvern Baptist Church, 2017

Tearfund Big Bake 2017

Tearfund’s Big Bake will be kicking off this year on 5th October and will run until 13th October. Bakers around the country will be raising some serious dough through cake sales in churches, social groups, fêtes and workplaces. This event is essential for Tearfund, generating vital funds to support our projects over the coming year.

Money raised through the Big Bake could give a new future to many villages like Yasmin’s in Chad, central Africa. Unreliable harvests, through drought and soil erosion, mean the community is always at risk of hunger.

Working in partnership with the local church and community we can conserve rainwater to irrigate the land. This water can also be channelled to hydrate a nursery, providing a backup source of food if crops fail. Join us for tea, coffee and cakes after the morning service in aid of Tearfund, Sunday Morning 5th November

Tearfund ‘Big Bake’

Thank you for all your cake/biscuit eating last Sunday and for your very generous donations towards the work of Tearfund. The ‘Big Bake’ raised an amazing £88.02.

 ©Tearfund Big Bake 2016