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Page last updated 15 July, 2018

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Traidcraft was founded on Christian principles. It seeks to live out the Christian faith through its mission to fight poverty through trade. Since 1979 they’ve been working for trade justice for growers and producers in the poorest countries around the world. Traidcraft is a pioneer of the fair trade movement in the UK where it jointly founded the Fairtrade Foundation. Their activities also include overseas development programmes, trade policy, campaigns and trade justice.

Traidcraft believes that to achieve change it needs to combine a range of activities:

To carry out these activities they work through two financially and legally distinct entities - a trading company and a development charity.

Over the years they have demonstrated their ability to have impact and influence that far exceeds the scale of our activities, and have established themselves as a global leader in making trade work for the people in the developing world.


The MBC Traidcraft stall is run by Ian and Sue Fairchild who will be pleased to place orders on your behalf.  Contact 01886 832221.  The surplus in running the activity is used to support the Church's contribution to the Baptist Missionary Society.

The Traidcraft stall will next be out on:

Sunday 22nd July 2018


The next dates are:  30 Sep 18