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Fund Raising

Our young people are very much part of the Church and throughout the year activities are arranged involving the children (e.g. Christmas party, outing, nativity, youth weekend, All Age Services, Good Friday workshop, Christmas Carol Service, fundraising evenings etc). Each year the Sunday schools raises money for a good cause. These are some of our projects:

 2001     £100 for Love Russia

 2002     £300 for the BMS hospital in Bolobo, Congo

 2003/4  £1700 for Send a Cow

 2005     £544 for The Toybox Charity

 2006     £300 for our link church in Chelmsley Wood

 2007     £1700 for Habitat for Humanity

 2007     £58 and over 100 pairs of pants for Love Russia

 2008     £86 to support the visit to Malvern by children from Chernobyl

 2008/9  £1060.52 for Turn on the Tap

 2010/11 All fundraising over these two years is for the Church Roof Appeal

2013 £135 to buy a local cow through Send a Cow

2014/15 £700 to buy a dairy cow through Send a Cow

2015      £480 ‘Film nights’ for Twin a Toilet

2015      Tear Fund’s ‘Big Bake’ 15 campaign £81.90

2016      £60 ‘Film nights’ for Twin a Toilet

2016      Car Boot sale raised £318.55 for Send a Cow

2016      £155.95 for our link church, Chelmsley Wood.

2016     £349.79 from car boot sale, £137.77 from jewellery sales taking this year’s total to £940.55, enough for a Dairy Cow and more