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Page last updated 28 May, 2020

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The church has formal “links” with two Baptist churches in Volgograd, Russia. Members from the church have visited Volgograd four times over the past eight years, taking substantial monetary and material gifts.

Representatives from these Russian churches, sponsored by Malvern Baptist Church,  have visited Malvern and attended the Baptist Congress in Birmingham.

Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham

Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church is our link church from Chelmsely Wood in Birmingham. Our links go back many years and its been great to see the work of Neil Roberts being blessed over the years. Neil has been over to Malvern many times to and often brings some of the congregation for a walk in the hills and a church tea afterwards where we get to meet them.

Recently they have been able to refurbish their church and re-launch it as the ‘Three Trees - Baptist Church Community Centre in Chelmsley Wood’ ; a church that aims to be in the heart of the community.

The majority of our church family are from Chelmsley Wood and possibly not the kind of people you meet in your average church.

This has the advantage that we don't carry a lot of traditional baggage, although of course, we have baggage of our own!

Our aim is to be a local church, growing out from the people here and growing our faith in ways that are natural for us. We don't always sit comfortably in the mainstream church, but we are part of God's church.