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Page last updated 28 May, 2020

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Location and Building

The church building is situated on the East side of the Malvern Hills, in Abbey Road, near to the centre of Great Malvern. Its immediate surroundings are shops, schools, hotels and a number of large Victorian houses, many of which have been converted into apartments and flats. The major proportion of the population is to be found to the north and east of the Hills where major housing development has taken place over the last 30 to 40 years and still continues. The borders of these now extend two miles from the church, which is roughly central to them all. Public transport arrangements have improved slightly of late, but the congregation relies largely on private transport to get to church.

The building is now 120 years old, and built as a single block. It is a typical Victorian non-conformist building built to rival the Anglicans (!), and visitors and congregation alike find it provides an attractive environment for worship. The church will seat about 160 (fixed wooden pews with cushions), with room for perhaps 20 extra chairs if required. The slope of the land has been used to provide a Church Hall, below and to the rear of the church, which can seat 70 to 80. A church lounge, with a small kitchen area, has been built beside the church, and will seat 30 to- 40 people. This modification to the building also included an external door, of adequate width for a wheelchair, giving level access into the church from the drive. As the church is built on the lower slope of the Malvern Hills the gradient of the drive itself will always present a problem for persons with limited mobility.

In addition to the Minister’s vestry, there are two rooms above the Hall, one of which is used as a general utility room, and the other has been used variously as a crèche, for Sunday School classes or for small meetings. At the lower church level there is a modern kitchen adjacent to the hall, which was refurbished in 1997 to the then legally acceptable standards. A commercial dish washer, a refrigerator, a freezer and a ventilation system have more recently been added to accommodate increasing catering demands and address Health and Safety issues.

Within the last twenty years the church has been largely redecorated, with new heating, lighting and sound reinforcement (with an audio loop in both church and Hall) installed. In 2010/2011 the roof of the Church was replaced. This was a major area of expenditure and steps had been taken to provide a contingency fund for this work.

Church access is not currently disabled-friendly, but we have built a new disable toilet with baby changing facilities at the entrance to the church hall. The young people have twinned our new toilet as this year’s fund raising goal (see the Young People’s page).